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Softopper vs. Fastkap


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Meh, I don't care for the looks all that much with that plastic thing behind the cab . It looks like those ghey wing/vent things all the vatos put on the trucks down here but I do like the fact that it has a solid back window as fiddeling with soft windows gets old quick.

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I noticed quite a bit of traffic from this site on my web site so thought I would follow the link through. I am the owner of Fastkap but I'm also a die hard Jeeper. My current ride is a 1997 TJ running 40s and a Mustang 5.0L. I've also had a CJ in a few forms and a Cherokee and other rigs over the years. I liked my XJ so much (4.6L stroker) that I converted the back of my TJ to leafs and used a Rubicon Express long arm system in the front - much like your MJs. I'll post a pic of the TJ if you would like...


Anyway, When I see hits from a site where we don't make a model I like to speak up for myself. We recently adapted one of our caps to a 1978 Ford F 250 its going out next week. It takes about 5000.00 to engineer a cap for a new model which works out to selling 5 caps to break even. We will make a model for any truck out there if we hit this number that includes a MJ even though the market for them is pretty limited for us. Just a though for a bunch of fellow Jeepers.


Also here is a link to a youtube vid I made last week when it snowed hard and it was well below zero. Its not a great video but you get an idea of how they work even in the cold. If anyone is interested PM or e-mail us through the web site and I'll answer any questions you have.



Happy MJeeping and Merry Christmas!


Kelowna BC Canada

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