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Bucket seats.

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I know its probably been cover 100 times but to do bucket seats would I just have to get seats from an 84-94 XJ??? Perferably 2 door seats. Is there anything else that will bolt in? I also have a 97+ center console that I will be putting in. Any tips on that too?

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You can make any bucket seat fit if you have time and money. But to use factory XJ seats they "should" bolt right in using there donor mount brackets. I'm lucky, my MJ came with buckets...not very good ones, they are low back and vinyl covered. i too will be getting newer XJ buckets ('96). As far as the console, I used one from a '96 XJ and just remeber to get the mounts with it. But I'm also going to convert my e-brake to the XJ hand pull set-up.

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