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Seatbelt Question

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My seatbelts are slow to retract and it's getting very annoying. What is there I can do to make these "suck" back in faster. I can't stand having to feed it everytime I get out of the truck. My belts are in excellent condition so a change of belts wouldn't be a good option. Is there a spring that can be replaced or something??

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You can take them apart and wind the spring a couple turns, or what ever it takes to get the correct tension for retraction of belt. Be careful while doing it as the spring must be held in place or it will unwind in the blink of an eye and just might cause damage to your flesh. And the 20 year old plastic is a little brittle and snaps easily. I just did a couple (a few months back) of spare ones I had laying around, I even took pics with the intention of posting them up put never got to it and have since dumped the pics. Sometime soon I'm going to do the ones in my DD MJ that are always in the door jamb.

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