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A fuel gauge / tank question.

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Two questions about my fuel system.


1. When I completely to off the tank I actually get overflow from somewhere that hits the ground. I might have a crack in the top of the tank, or possibly a leaking fitting. I have not dropped the tank yet to find out.


The question here is, what kind of issues might I run into dropping the tank? I once had a van that dropping the tank pinched all the lines, that why I am asking if there is anything I should be aware of.



2. less invasive, less dangerous, but far more annoying, My gas gauge seems to be acting stupidly. It's range is about 3/4 tank when it's full, and about 1/4 when it goes dry. The low fuel light never does come on.


I have read about checking the ground behind one of the tail lights, but I don't know where it's located (the ground, I can find the tail light :yes: ).


So I guess the question on this one is, where is the ground I should be checking and what should I be looking for? Just clean it up and see if it works? Any other advice?



These two problems have kinda worked together to run me out of gas twice already, since I can't monitor the fuel level, and just keeping it topped it off causes a leak.

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You have to get on your back and crawl under the truck so you can look for the leak. Since it does it when you fill the tank I would suspect the large filler hose or the smaller vent hose.Hose is rotted and leaking. A loose fitting is possible but very rare unless you were working on them and didn't put it back together right. Also there are 2 rollover-vent valves on top of the tank, possible source. Then there's the lock ring gasket for the fuel line, fuel sending unit. You just gotta get under and look. Some people can reach the ground by getting under the truck and reaching up. I find it easier to remove the tail light housing. Remove the screw and separate the ground lead. Use sandpaper, steel wool any abrasive and get a nice shiny spot around the screw hole. Then clean the lug on the wire lead. Put everything back together. Apply some paint so the shiny area doesn't rust again.

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Thanks much.


I'll pull the light housing and check it out today after work, and take a feel around the top of the tank while I am out there.


If I can manage to fix either one I will be fine until spring. I just need to not run out of gas during the winter. Bad things have been know to happen to people that ran out of gas in a Wisconsin winter.

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