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1986 Jeep Comanche Seat Mount Rust

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Hello everyone. I recently became a proud owner of a 1986 Comanche Big Ton, with a 2.8.... And recently began the task restoring the great truck. I quickly knocked out some of the small stuff and now I'm on to restoring the interior. A quick look around showed that it had mild rust under the carpet which should be no problem. The serious rust problem is the Seat Mounts. The bolt and nut that fastens the seat to the floor are rusted pretty bad.


My question is how should I go about repairing this? I'm afraid that if I unbolt it from the floor it may damage the bolt and screws beyond repair and I'm not even sure if the bolt extruding from the floor is replaceable. Repairs must be done in 2 days or less so completely striping the interior is not an option. Until I have more time to completely gut the truck I'm looking for a solution that will be fast yet still rid the Jeep of the infamous rust.


Thank ahead.

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The seat mounting studs coming through the floor are replaceable. The floor pans are threaded and you can screw in longer metric bolts (M8 X 1.25 I think) from the bottom to replace the studs.

If the nuts holding the seat bracket in are rusted solid you'll unscrew the entire stud from the floor, then cut the nut & stud off the seat bracket. I replaced 3 studs on my '90 when I pulled the seats out..4 were ok and 1 snapped off flush with the floor pan.

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