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2WD spindle applications.

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ALL other years of MJ XJ 2wd spindles will fit as long as you also go with that spindle years brakes. I think ZJ, will also fit, and WJ 2wd spindles will fit with a combination of WJ and MJ/XJ balljoints, that would also give you the larger dual piston WJ brakes as long as you re- did the hub bearing and re drilled the rotor to fit the 5x4.5 bolt pattern. I left you a link to this mod in one of your previous posts about better brakes.


You wouldnt happen to know Joey Beam would ya? He still runnin around Eaton Rapids?

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I was wondering If all other years would fit, was thinking about getting late 90's knuckles and upgrading to a non-serviceable bearing.

Joey Beam? Never heard of him. I didnt think anybody would have even heard of Eaton Rapids. I'm deffinitaley surprised.

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to go to a non-servicable hub, all you really need is a 4wd knuckle set from whichever year you want, the calipers for that year, hubs for that year, and to take a 4wd stub shaft, have the ujoint ears machined off, and put it in the wheel bearing.


that's all the very early model (84-86 xj, 86 mj) and late model (94ish+) 2wd setups were. I'd venture that you could find the proper 2wd stub shafts in a junk yard, too.

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