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another one about clutch

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I'm having clutch issues. I replaced/bled new master, and it worked for a while. Now its intermitten. it will work sometimes, and not other times. its smooth as butter when it does though. its awful getting it into reverse sometimes as well. ive replaced all the tranny fluid with redline, thinking of replacing slave except i don't have any fluid on the bell and my fluid level in the master never drops. ive heard the clutch arm can be bent but it doesnt appear to be. I'm going crazy please help. ive got a 86 manche xls with the 2.5. and it does have an external slave. positive. could this be the slave or more bleeding??

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I have an '89 with the BA10/5, and had to replace the MC. I got the pedal firm, but once in a while the clutch feels like it's not quite engaging/disengaging like it's supposed to. I've heard that it can take two or three tries to fully bleed the system, but haven't gotten around to it.

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