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Warm up and lose power....

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I've got an issue that I want to know if anybody is familiar with. Even after sitting a little while, my Comanche is very good about starting....its not very cold natured. Let it idle a few minutes, take off, and it runs great...but drive around town for awhile, and it loses its "uumph". :???: It will still go, but only has throttle response to a certain point. I can floor it and nothing changes....it won't maintain slight inclines, it just kinda wimps out. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks. :thumbsup:

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Alright, it seems all these symptoms were because of a failing fuel pump. Before I could change the fuel filter, the truck crapped out and wouldn't start...changed the pump, it was good to go. I also changed the filter and cleaned the tank while I was at it. Thanks for the help.



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