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dead comanche

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The other night i was driving home and my 89 just went dead. when i say dead, i mean the engine shut off, the headlights,turn signals, braka lights, the radio, everything else electrical just quit. the only thing this truck would do is crank the engine, not start just turn over. After checking all the fusible links, I started chasing wires to see what happened, long story short, run a new ground wire from the battery to the body.Not only did that fix the problem but, my voltmeter has stated working. I told tou all that so i could tell you this, if your voltmeter lies to you like mine has since i bought the truck, tou can fix it by running a new body ground.

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Did you also replace the main negative battery cable from the block to the battery? That was most likely initially the problem. The battery to body cables are meant to be supplementary, not primary. They're good to have, but you should replace the main from the battery to the block, and probably the block to firewall strap too while you're at it.

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