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tempature switch


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1.Soak it with a good rust penetrating solvent for a couple days first. Then try the EZ out. 2.Heat the head, 10-15 seconds. You just want the head to expand, not transfer the heat to the broken stem. Then try the EZ out.

3. Heat the stem, not the head. This will break the rust.

4. Drill it out. If your careful you won't touch the threads and the broken stem can be worked out.

5. Drill it out to the next larger size and install a thread repair kit.

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There's always that possibility but not likely. The fitting is brass, a soft metal. More than likely it will just settle to the bottom. Take a cotton swab and cover it good with grease. Now reach thru the hole and capture as much shavings with it as you can. Also keep the drill bit covered with grease and drill slow. The grease will hold the shavings and they will work up the bit instead of down the hole.

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