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I have access to an 88 Comanche-Parts

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There is an 88 Comanche in a junkyard close by. No wheels, frame is shot (what frame:brows:) It is mostly still there, and otherwise looks awesome. Interior is clean, all buttons and dials are there, the factory radio, leather typedoor panels, engine has 89,xxx, but its a 4 banger. Probably the Peugeot tranny. 2wd.


I took the antenna, cabin lights, the Comanche badges, and a can't-be-found-anywhere-on-earth wiper relay!!! My truck now has an antenna and a relay. But I think the motor is shot.


If anyone needs any parts, I will be glad to grab them and ship them out. Like I said, paint is pristine, and the tail gate, hood, doors, its all there.


Shipping will be from NY.


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