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search challenge... or do you recognize this old level?

Pete M

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who's up for a google challenge? :brows: I have in my possession an old 2 foot level, made of lightweight cast metal with the word "magnesium" cast into it and "Mayes Bros. Tool MFG. CO." and "Port Austin Mich." printed around the bubbles. The only thing I've found is someone that said on a tool forum that they were in Port Austin back in 1926 and moved to Tenn, but he didn't know when. The company still exists and, before I call them, can anyone find info on this level? I pride myself on being pretty good at searches, but using the terms "level" or "magnesium" keep bringing back results that have to do with chemistry and I'm becoming frustrated. :typing:



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I have the same level as well, somewhere in the basement, I think.


I was only using it as a straight edge, because most of the bubbles were broken. So it's possible my wife might have thrown it out.


It was quite old, as it was one of the tools my father-in-law gave me while we were cleaning out his construction business' garage. His dad started the company a LOOOONNNGG time ago, and never got rid of anything. If a piece of equipment broke down, he'd bring it back to his house, and park it out back.




You'd be amazed at some of the old cars back there. I'll try to post pics sometime.


Back on topic, I'm searching this, and will post what I find shortly.

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Ok here you go Pete.


http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/show ... hp?t=41037

I can't pinpoint the vintage of your level, but Great Neck aquired the Mayes Brothers Tool Company sometime in the 1950s-60s when Mayes Brothers was already located in Johnson City, TN.


Since your level was manufactured in their former location of Port Austin, MI, we can say your level is from the 1960s at the latest.


I know the Mayes Bros. Tool Mfg. Co. was still in Port Austin in 1929, but don't know when they made the move to Tennessee...


http://www.manta.com/c/mm8m3ks/mayes-br ... ool-mfg-co

Mayes Brothers Tool Mfg CO,

Great Neck Saw Manufacturers, Inc, Mayes Brothers Tool Mfg Div

713 Clairmont Road

Johnson City, TN 37601-3843


Mayes Brothers Tool Mfg CO is a private company categorized under Carpenters' Hand Tools, Except Saws: Levels, Chisels, Etc. and located in Johnson City, TN. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $5 to 10 million and employs a staff of approximately 50 to 99.


NOTE: The above web page has a link to their "web site" which currently appears to be hacked. It also seems to have a flash component, which may trigger browser exploits, so don't go directly to the Maybes Brothers web site.


http://www.greatnecksaw.com/linki.php?l ... &cPath=180

Mayes Brothers Tool Company has been producing quality levels and other precision instruments since August Mayes started making his own levels in 1874 for his personal use as a mason and bricklayer. Since then his sons have continued to embrace the spirit of innovation and quality workmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing.


So, you'll want to contact Great Neck Saw http://www.greatnecksaw.com/


Your level was most likely manufactured prior to 1960.


EDIT: By the way, when I did a Google Image search, for some reason I got a picture of "Ursula Mayes":


Warning! NSFW (Not Safe for Work aka Not Safe For Wives)!!!!!

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_K23OP6WFINg/T ... es.hot.jpg

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