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Electrical stuff and wiper arm


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When I got my truck, there were a few things that were odd. First, there was a wire running down from the steering column to the IGN fuse for the ignition presumably.


Also, the previous owner or earlier had jumped the turn signal fuse to the dash light fuse. That being said, I can turn the wipers and turn signals on without the truck being on or even the key in the ignition.


Next, my blower motor quit working. When I got the truck, everything worked, but I decided to redo some of the wiring because they had hacked the plug on the back of the climate control, so I redid that nicely. However, yesterday, I turned the blower on to discover that any time I would turn it on or off, the relay would switch like normal but VERY loudly. Then it just quit and now I can't turn the blower on.


Signals, wipers, dash lights, and all other lights work as they should.


Except for the bright lights. They just shut off when you flick the switch.



And lastly, my passenger side wiper arm doesn't work. Might the teeth just be stripped? I haven't had time to check.



Unfortunately, I'm asking all of this stuff because I need to fix it before I sell it :(. I just moved into an apartment a few weeks ago and they came and told me I'm allowed two cars. I registered my Celica with them as a classic to get an exemption on the normal one car per person rule.


It sucks because I REALLY have grown fond of this truck in the short time I have had it. I'd like to fix some of these little issues before selling it so whoever buys it doesn't freeze in the winter.



That being said, if you guys could throw some ideas out there to help get this done, I would greatly appreciate it!

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brights are engaged by a long metal rod that goes from the switch you touch down to the actual switch mounted on the steering column down towards the base. it might be that it's simple out of alignment.


check to see if the blower motor resistor pack is still working. it's located above the passengers feet in the hvac housing behind a small door and is accessed by a couple of like 8mm screws.


have you tried replacing the loud relay?


do you have a manual trans?

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My truck is a 4x4 automatic.


Advance cannot get in a relay for the blower motor, so I may have to snag one at a yard. Are they the same from newer models like a 1997? If so, its much newer and may be in better shape.


I'll check into the resistor pack tomorrow. Is that something that's easily replaced from a store? Or is it a junk yard part?


I will have to inspect the wiper arm a little more closely

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