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Jeepspeed Comanches are Legal


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Does anyone know the regulations on MJs? The XJs are limited like crazy!


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe some of the rules are:

Engine must be of production type (i.e., 4.0L, 2.5L, 2.1L, 2.8L)

Tranny must be of production type (i.e., ax-4, ax-5, etc.)

maximum 10" of travel in the front suspension

maximum 10" of travel in the rear suspension

+/- 1" of wheelbase

33" tire maximum

engine must be +/- 1" of stock mount location


It seems strange to let us compete with such a long wheelbase.

I put a 1400 truck and a 1450 truck in the internet finds awhile back.

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jeepspeed 3 is basically anything goes, but I still don't think comanches are legal.

Here's the jeepspeed 3 rules.

A new exciting faster class for ANY MODEL Jeep manufactured between 1984 and 2006 with a maximum wheelbase of 110".

Jeepspeed 3 will be an unlimited class for Jeeps conforming with the Class 3000 rules of The Best in the Desert racing association .

In addtion to these BITD rules....Any Jeep,AMC,Chrysler, Dodge, Mopar engine can be used in any Jeep body/chassis.

Examples- Jeep Liberty with 2005 Hemi ,Jeep Grand Cherokee with 5.9 liter Dodge motor or upgrade current Jeepspeed Cherokee with V8.

Short wheel base Wranglers may stretch chassis and body to Wrangler Unlimited dimensions of 103.4 wheelbase.


Shortbed MJ is 113, so we're outside of the 110" wheelbase.

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yes they are legal in JeepSpeed 3 and there will be atleast one running, I know cuz my buddy is running one of his. There still are some limitations (15" trav front, unlimited rear, and motor that was in a jeep, etc) go check out www.jeepspeed.com for more info on it. Grand Cherokees can run Wranglers,wrangler unlimiteds, pretty much anything Jeep.


jamminz.gif It's about time the MJs got respect! My buddy is actually one of the main reasons Clive Skilton (owner of JeepSpeed) let the MJs in. I am stoked, he is racing a Long Bed w/ a 4.7L V8. He isn't sure if he is gonna run 4x4 or 4x2 yet, but he's paid his registration and got his number. :brows:

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check the JeepSpeed board.


Longbeds and shortbeds are now legal in JS1 with the typical XJ restrictions. In JS3 they are legal with very few limitations, you could have a 120"wb, turboed Hemi, coilovers, bypass shocks, airbumps, linked front and rear, 37" baja T/As... etc. you can't go independant (unless you start with a Libby, new GC, or Commander), the motor has to be AMC/Mopar, front travel is limited to 15"... and few other rules.



edit: there is some conflicting info on the JeepSpeed board about MJs in JS1, we'll see how it gets hashed out

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