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chevy drop shacke part # ?

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does anyone know the part # for the chevy drop-shackles that will supposedly give me about 1" of lift. --I'm on my way to get some 1.75" spacers for the front coils and figure i might as well do the rear at the same time. -- i have read somewhere on here that these shackels are gonna be the best value and size.

all and any responses appreciated -thanx.

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Any drop shackle made for a GMC/Chevy 1500 PU trucks work. It is the shackle setup they use on their late 80s to late 90s truck. I have 2.75" lift in the front and used a pair of 1.5" drop shackles and my truck is level. Keep in mind a 1.5" shackle= 0.75" of lift!

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