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Don't forget to CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS this weekend


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Don't forget.


You don't want to show up to church or brunch or the golf course an hour early and look like a tool first thing on Sunday, now do you? Of course you don't.


Arizona residents, please disregard. :thumbsup:


Arizona doesn't either? Indiana doesn't, was just too lazy to look up who else didn't.


As far as I'm concerned, they're much smarter than the rest of the country. Daylight Savings Time is dumb.

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You don't want to show up to church........ :thumbsup:


I'd look like a tool showing up in a church at any time. I'd be afraid the building might fall down. :eek:


But thanks for the reminder. :thumbsup:





I'm not a Bible thumper Don, but I know that God will always welcome you back.....

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