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EDIT: PICS of unlifted 4x4 w/ 265/70/16

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i am tired of putting air in the 225/75/15 tires that are not worth fixing. I have decent 32x11'5 on Gambler rims for it, but the 4.5" lift is on hold (even though it is on a shelf in the garage).


i have all season 265/70/16's on factory 16x7 KJ rims ( 5.5" bs). They would probably be sold as 31x10.5's although they are supposed to be 30.5 x 10.7 on an 8" rim.


So, considering the backspacing on the rims, am i going to have much trouble on a stock 4x4 MJ? I have some Rusty's 1.25" spacers that I could throw on if it would help. I just need a month or two until I get the lift on and the other tires.

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OH NOES! Death Wobble!


Well, the larger tires immediately led to death wobble even at moderate speeds. Jamming on the brakes really makes you popular with the people following you.... jamminz.gif


MJ/XJ specific causes for this to show up without a lift, just bigger tires?

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Bigger tires are not going to change the geometry of the suspension. They could accentuate suspension problems though (worn out trac-bar bushings, LCA, UCA bushings etc.).


My money is on bad tire balancing. I had to have my tires balanced 3 times before they got it right.

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Search around and find a shop that has a "ROAD FORCE BALANCING MACHINE" and spend the extra money to have them balance them. If there is any wear in the front end at all it can be set off by imblanced tires. Do the tires first and then start replacing front end parts if needed. Good luck.

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