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cant make up my mind...

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so i was rooting through the local pull a part and i stumbled across a factory pop glass sunroof from an 85 cherokee so i picked it up for $47 and change. well a few weeks later i came across another cherokee (84 or 85 i don't remember) with a maroon interior like my one MJ. it had a few options that i liked that were different. one it had a 2 toned maroon and dark grey dash (i didnt have time to grab it :( ) the other was door panels with the maroon vinyl on the top and bottom and a cloth maroon and white in the middle by the armrest. it wasnt a plaid pattern but i liked it so i picked them up. i also found a factory maroon dome light with map lights on it. ive never seen one before so i grabbed that. i also grabbed some coil spring spacers and then they kicked me out cause it was wayyyy past closing time. but now i havent decided which i should do?


the dome light is awesome looking and it would be nice to have the extra light plus the cool little map lights would really come in handy but having a sunroof would be kindy handy too since i don't have a/c.


i have to choose one or the other.


on one hand the sunroof would make a nice cooling system combined with my vent windows

but once i cut the hole, theres no going back and the dome light option is out.


i thought about finishing the truck and adding it afterward, but then i would have to have my headliner redone again and i would have to be very careful as to not screw up the orange paint. any thoughts?




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I pulled the same sunroof out of an 85 XJ, when I junked it.

It did not leak when it was in the 85'.


I made the leap, and cut a perfect hole in the roof of my 88' MJ for it.

Then sealed the frame to the roof completely,

and it leaked around the glass every time a cloud appeared overhead.


On the positive side, it made my Jeep into a 'real Jeep'

= the windows would fog up on the inside, the seat was always wet, and even my glasses would fog up if it was the slightest bit humid out.


I don't think the frame went in out of square, since it measured square before, and after I sealed it to the roof.

And the factory drain tubes (that run into the A-pillars) were connected, and in place.


Best I can figure is either the glass, or the MJ's roof had a slight warp to it, and that was letting water in.


I loved to pop it out when wheeling (perfect escape hatch, to connect a cable, or get something out of the bed when wheeling),

so I didn't have the heart to just seal it up.


Other complaint had more to do with my specific MJ,

having the tire overlap part of the roof meant I had to decide to have the sunroof in, or out, at the beginning of a wheeling trip,

and sudden downpours meant I had to flip the spare down, to put the roof back in,

or get really really wet.

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jimmy, was your sunroof in supermoo a factory one that you added? i know that it leaked but not much. is there any way that i could "rebuild" the sunroof to keep it from leaking? my dad added an aftermarket sunroof in his 85 mustang and it sealed fine, so my guess is that a factory sunroof would fit fine-er???


the GM lighted mirror upgrade i am already doing, but that maroon dome light would add more light in the whole cab instead of just under the mirror, especiallay when i do the LED upgrade. ill take some pictures of all my finds tomorrow.


and FYI jimmy, I'm going to PAP on sunday and will grab your side vents for you then, as a thank you present for letting sam "ZJhayday" and i ride around in supermoo. ill bring them to jeepskool in november if you can wait that long.




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so here are the pictures. sorry for the bad quality there is very low lighting in that part of my shop.


here are my old completely vinyl door panels


here are the new door panels i picked up. all the stuff was out of a very early model XJ laredo.


here is the cool little dome light!



here is the sunroof. it will deffinatly be retinted if i use it.


and here is the pop mechanizm.


so any thoughts?




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Josh, the sunroof never really leaked.....but it WAS a factory sunroof I pulled from pull apart.


I can wait till November...I am hoping the "Purple People Eater" will be 4wd by then and can make it out.


I personally like sunroofs....you need the check the seal between the glass and the frame. If that is good, the rest is up to you.


And if you are planning an LED upgrade....why not do it to the stock location lights on the B-pillars....should provide plenty of light.

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