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My Pops has the Jeep bug


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For the last couple of months my father has been asking me questions about TJ Rubicons... and they just kept getting more and more specific.


He has test driven a few of the modified local rigs, but has been very disappointed in how they look and ride. My guess is he is expecting something like my Rubi, which I baby and have not gone cheap building. Example, one was an 06 Rubi with 30K miles. Seats were faded and worn out, carpet was junked, shock bushings had about a half inch of play in them, and the dealer still wanted $21K for it.


I am back last weekend for the Jeep Jamboree and he has 3 Rubis he is bidding on, online. I wouldn't be surprised if he buys one this week. It makes me laugh because he has never been a Jeeper, but has had a few sweet 4x4 pickups over the years.


Guess he really liked wheeling in my Rubi. :yes:

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Well he has bid on a few and lost. Missed out on an '03, 100K miles, $12K. Now also looking at totaled Rubis and thinking of selling the boat for shop space. He has expanded his search to 1000 miles from home. Figured he and I could fly out to a Jeep and I could drive it home while he flys back (has has his pilots license).


Rubicon Unlimited ftw! :D

He and I share the same opinion on the "unlimited" TJs (and JKS) :nuts: we just don't like 'em.

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