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Carpeting/Trim For Rear of Cab

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Did any of the MJ's come with carpeting on the back wall of the cab? If so, does anyone know the rough size/method of attachment? I know the 88-98 Chevy/GMC C/K trucks were fully carpeted in the higher trim levels and wondered if the Comanches were the same. I'm planning to hit the jy tomorrow and, if I know the size, I can probably grab the grey carpeting panel from something else to cut down to size.

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I got lucky and found one of these carpets in a JY MJ a few years ago with matching interior color. My base model didn't have one either when I got it. They are bolted to the floor at 3 points along the bottom, the factory floor carpet has three cutouts that the bolts/ brackets would go under at the back of the cab. It also rests behind the trim piece under your rear window. They have a cutout in the center for the jack handle to be able to still clip to that bracket, if your MJ still has that, if not they can be found at TeamCherokee.

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