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rear axle shaft bearing & shaft replacement

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Did you snap a shaft, or just need new bearings?


Non C-clip D35 bearings are pressed onto the axle, and I believe retained with a clip on the shaft. Pretty sure you'll need a press to get the old one off, and the new one on.


If you snapped a shaft, definitely don't bother buying new. Junkyard, or I'm sure someone on here has one sitting around.


Remember, D35 shafts are not the same length.

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Yeah, but if I use a 84-89, won't I run the risk of having the same problem. These are some old axles. :doh:


That's why you buy new bearings.


I was only referring to buying new shafts if you'd snapped one. Personally, I'd avoid using used bearings if I could help it.

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