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Not getting fuel...cranks but won't start

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Ok here is my problem: 1989 straight six fuel inj, runs great after it starts. For now, just grinds away. In the last 30 days have replaced the Fuel pump, Fuel filter, Fuel Pump Relay, battery cables, serpentine belt, plugs, removed and cleaned gas tank...all by pro mechanic at his shop.


Just had the fuel repair work done week b4 last and all was well. Truck sat for 5 days, and it started and ran yesterday for 2 minutes or so just to test it. Then today, will not start....just cranks. No fuel at the fuel pressure valve spurts out.


New fuel pump has been removed and tested externally as excellent.


Any ideas?

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it's located at about 11:00 on the bellhousing. Look for a large squarish weatherpack connector toward the driverside rear of the engine at the firewall. Unplug and replug and see if it starts. If yes, replace the sensor.


Also, check the fuel pump ground for intermittent contact. It's behind the driverside taillight assembly. Clean/tighten as necessary.



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