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spedo, gas gauge question

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sorry, in the 92


Then no, the speedo and fuel gauge problems should not be related. Their only commonality is the ground, so it's separate problems. Have you tried checking both of them using the tests provided in the FSM?


I just finished testing and calibrating a new batch of 91-96 XJ/MJ HO gauges and they are listed on Ebay, items # 330478911991 (speedo) and # 330478909615 (fuel) if you're interested. :cheers:

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Generally, it involves powering up the gauge on the bench and providing the inputs required from the sensors based on the FSM data via test equipment. It's based on perfect world gauge inputs; if the wiring between the gauge and sensor if shorted, partially shorted, open, corroded, etc. a new gauge won't help. All calibration guarantees is that the meter movement of the gauge is functional and it indicates accurately. :cheers:

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oh so you can't re-calibrate them, you can just check the calibration. gotcha.


Yes, I do recalibrate them, either by changing the value of the meter movement cal resistor or adjusting a pot if provided. The gauges are all different, and all are able to be calibrated if the meter movement is okay. What I can't do of course is compensate for less than perfect wiring problems between the gauge and it's associated sensor.

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