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Alternate tailgate

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It's still a work in progress (too many projects :ack: ),

but I started cutting down a FSJ tailgate to fit a Comanche:


(actually copied the idea from a Cheromanche build on Pirate).


It sounds like you're looking for something that's the right width & height already,

I think I'd just try to cut down a 97-01 XJ's steel tailgate, instead of running a gate that says 'Chevy' 'FORD', or whatever on it.

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I'm liking the fsj gate, any specs or write up on how you made it work?


It's not done yet (neither is the bumper :ack: ),

but I cut the width down, and the height.

The width was easy, just chopped it down to size, took the filler piece off the end, and inserted it back in the open end.


The height was tougher, I chopped it down, and welded the top section from a rusted out MJ tailgate on.


I was going to run MJ supports, but I think I'm going to use chains, and old style chain-latches once I get back to it.


There's some details in my t88' MJ build thread (link in sig).

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