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Shifting problem

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OK, let me be a little more specific. It is an intermittent problem. It's gone weeks without issues and then it suddenly comes back.

Today for example, it was fine on the way to work but on the way home it acted up.

It wouldn't shift out of 1st and into 2nd until 40 mph and wouldn't shift out of 2nd and into 3rd until 60 mph.

Doesn't seem to make much difference if I am in comfort or power mode.

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Check the solenoid OHM's for the 1-2 & 2-3 shift. If they ain't up to snuff it ain't a gonna shift when it should. But, the symptons you describe could be bad TPS, TCU, or just bad connections. A failed/failing 2-3 solenoid will hold it in 1st until about 4300-4600- RPM before banging into 2nd gear.

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