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new guy from Va


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hey everyone, I'm the new guy from Va.


I was directed here by a guy from a yahoo group i was in.


I will soon be buying a 90' Comanche. It won't be my daily driver (maybe someday). It has 90k original miles, the I6 and 4x4.


I plan on doing some upgrades over the coming months/years.


Anyway, glad to be here and Id love to hear suggestions on lift options, suspension upgrades, interior upgrades, pretty much anything.... jamminz.gif

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there's plenty of info on here already consider the short bed vs. long bed, but you're alredy on the right track (In my opinion) with the I6, '90, and 4wd up front.


Wouldn't you know I've got a 2wd 2.5L 88 being converted to 4wd... :)

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