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Converting wo 4x4 with AX4

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Quick and possibly silly question.


What is the difference between the 4x4 and 2x4 AX4 tranny? Can't you just remove the tail cone off the 2x4 AX$ and mount a 231J to it?




Is there a difference in output shafts on the 2.5's?


If I do have to get another tranny, I would just go to the AX5, but would rather go 23 spline on the tranny and t-case.


Is there any problem using the 23 spline parts behind the 2.5?


Thanks for your replies!



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No, you cannot just swap tail sections and bolt up the T-case. The output shafts between the 2wd and 4wd transmissions are completely different.


I've heard that the AX-5 went to a 23 spline sometime around 2000, but never confirmed it. There is absolutely no need for 23 spline stuff behind a 2.5. You'll be fine with the 21 spline stuff. Also, the AX-4/5 need a long shaft input on the T-case, again doubt they ever had 23 spline versions of those.

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AX-5 is kind of weak


Not really.


Compared to AX15 it is! jamminz.gif


That's true, but, in my opinion, the hassle of even tracking down a Dak housing, doing all the fab work to get the AX-15 mounted in there, is only worth it if you have a very specific reason to put an AX-15 behind a 2.5.


OP, an AX-5 will do you just fine.

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Ok...to resurrect this...


I have an AX4 in my MJ now...it is 2wd...I have an AX5 in my garage, it is 4wd, but questionable as to it's condition.


Can I swap output shafts to make MY AX4 into a 4wd AX4? I have the 231 J and D30 ready....so I want to make my AX4 work, then possibly swap in 5th OD gear later If I want it.



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Pop apart the AX-5 and see what's going on. Yes, you could combine them to make a 4wd AX-4, but why not just keep it a 4wd AX-5? There's no sense doing all that work to it, just to rip it apart again to add 5th when you could have done it before. If the 5th gear dogs too much with 3.55s, just don't use it.


AX-4s are IDENTICAL to the AX-5 except for the presence of the 5th gear on the output shaft, the 5th gear stuff on the layshaft, presence of the 5th slider, and the reverse sliders are different.

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