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One of my sons put some on the plastics of his ZJ. He used the rattle can version. It did OK but it is pealing in a few places. I'm pretty sure his problem is his prep work or lack there of. That and I don't think the rattle cans put a thick enough coat. I think if it was thicker it would make it harder to peal.

My neighbor put Hurculiner in his truck bed but it also started pealing after a few months. There again I think his problem was improper prep and not putting it on thick enough.

I think the roll on stuff sticks better than the rattle can but there again it comes down to how well the surface is prepped.

Bounty Hunter is right, everything has to be scuffed real well giving the Hurculiner something to get down into and adhere to. Other than scuffed it has to be clean too.


Good luck with it.

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I know the dupli-color spray on liner will stick to plastic with good prep.
Yep, thats what my son used. Problem was he did a hurry up job resulting in poor adhesion in a few places. The newly finished product looked great but had he done it properly I'm sure it would have stuck much better.
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