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mj hologram radio


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this might be hard to explain...

at night when u look in your rearview mirror

do ypu see the reflection from the radio thats coming off the back window?

its even the correct way..not reversed, cuz its bouncing off two reflections

its cool

if u havwnt noticed it before...look for it.

its like a ghetto hologram...lol

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Technically I think thats called a heads up display. Our Jeeps were way ahead of their time you know!


Ya, my Bonneville had a heads up display, but it was this tiny thing at the bottom left corner of the windshield, didn't really do you much good cuz the speedo was off on the HUD. So this one's much better-- I know, it's Pontiac not a Jeep, I hadn't seen the light at that point :rotfl2:

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