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Speedo Cable Specs

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I'm trying to find a replacement speedo cable for my MJ. It's a 89 SWB 4.0 AX-15 4x4 w/ working cruise (until now). I have had no luck finding one through auto parts stores, junkyards, or from the dealer. I'd rather get a new one, so the only place I have been able to find anything is through EBay. The problem being is that the listings aren't very specific, I have no idea what length or type of fittings the cable has. And as my ability to work on my Jeep is limited as I live in the dorms here, so was hoping someone had this info on the top of their head.


Would this fit?

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/AMC-Chry ... 5194a0599d



Thanks everyone

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I got one through Advance Auto. I actually took it back because my 2wd cable was long enough. Mine is a '90 ax-15 4wd, but doesn't have cruise control. I know the cables are different, so maybe that's why you haven't been able to find one.


yes, the Cruise cable is 2 pieces while the rest are just 1 piece.

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