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1988 I6 4x4 Comanche For Sale Camp Hill PA 17011


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Hi everybody,


I need some help from my old friends. The jeep for sale is the one in my profile pic. It longer looks good. It's been sitting for about two years. If you look me up under the projects forum you'll see the things I did for it. Only thing I never added was that's it's all back together and I bought a new battery for it 3-4 months ago, but it's probably dead right now.

Please read: You can not drive this anywhere. Tires are flat and battery needs jumped/charged. It is not PA inspected anymore. If bought you would need to have it towed or transported somewhere.

The laughs for all who know me. I've probably spent like ten grand since I bought it, and accomplished nothing except have a great time with it. I would never get rid of it in my life but unfortunately I'm going thru a divorce/custody thing with my ex and right now every penny helps to pay the lawyer. It's either I keep the Jeep or keep fighting to get my kids and my kids come first. So.......


Anyone who remembers me knows I'm an honest guy. Any questions you got, please ask. I'll try answer as best I can.

Title is in hand. I'll try and post pics and a link to the project section where I put everything when I get a chance.


Truck is located in

Camp Hill, PA 17011



Thanks everybody,


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