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ok maybe I'm dense i'm not sure, i've read thru the threads about the load sensing valve but can't figure out what exactly i need to do to bypass it.how do i know which line in the back is the brake line and which is the bypass or whatever?i just moved to North Carolina and got noone to help me so i can't crack lines with brake applied or whatever.any bleeding i will do with a vacuum pump.

looks like block 1 line on the block up front,take all the lines off the block in the rear and somehow hook the 2 rear brake lines to the line coming from the block up front. is there a t at the parts store to do this? i wanna do this because ive noticed when it rains and i brake medium to hard my front tires lock up and slide.being from florida and now in NC I'm not wanting my front end locking up next month or so when it starts snowing or the roads are iced over lol.


thanks for any advice,


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Don't mess with tees.


At the front junction block, KEEP the outlet that's at the "nose" of the block. Remove the brake line from the outlet at the front/bottom of the junction block. A standard 1/2" fine thread bolt will do it, but to look good you need to cut the thread portion down. The shortest I could buy was 1" long, and IIRC the cut length was around 3/8". Check this -- if you cut it too short it won't seal.


Your truck is now +/- twenty years old. Unless it spent its entire life in the Arizona desert, I wouldn't trust the brake lines. Just take them all out -- both of them. Run one new line from the "nose" of the front metering block directly to the upper end of the rear flex hose.



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