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Mpoar performance Spring perch questions

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So a couple weeks ago when I was attempting to install my xj D44 in the MJ I was having some issues. I found that the center hole in the perch was far too big for the spring pin, but one of the offset holes fit perfectly, also my driveshaft was too long. Now my question was could I just use the offset holes in the spring perches that fit the spring pins perfectly, and (should?) set my axle back to where I could use my driveshaft without having to have it shortened? I have the huge rubber insulated driveshaft that I believe only came in the 2wd trucks, so I think it was shortened before for the conversion, but I don't know if there are any complications or higher expenses having one of these insulated driveshafts modified, also my time is limited to weekends as I have to drive 2 hours to KC to be able to work on anything, so this could pose a problem to having the driveshaft modified.


Back to the question, will setting back the axle have any other issues, besides being a little further back in the wheelwells? WillI have to adjust the pinion angle to compensate?



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I have Mopar performance spring perches and when I did my axle swap (D35 to 8.25), I HAD to use the forward holes because my driveshaft was too long (not lifted yet). It'll work but it looked pretty damn silly IMO. It was very noticable in the wheelwell (wheel not centered). Needless to say I had the DS shortened the same week. And yes that centerhole is bigger but it does not make enough of a difference to matter once you torque down the U-bolts. And I have the big rubber insulated DS too, not a problem they just cut the other end. :cheers:


EDIT: I would like to offer advice if anyone uses the Moper perches, they are taller than the stock ones and will offer MORE lift IF you are going SOA, but LESS lift if you are SUA. Something to think about if you are lifting and staying SUA.

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I've used the alternate holes in those mopar perches to set my axle forward, backward, and then drilled additional holes to allow even more adjustment,

depending on what drivetrain/driveshaft & rear axle I was running at the time.



When I had my 1st 4wd rear driveshaft made I was running a D35, the shaft came out a little short, so I ran the axle forward.

Then I swapped in a D60 (with the Mopar perches), and had to run the axle rearward because of the 60's snout length.


Now I'm running a different T-case & driveshaft, and (IIRC) am running the axle even further back.


As far as how it looks in the wheelwells, when I was running flares, I stretched the ends of them back so it still looks normal with the stretch.



If you do use alternate holes in the perches, just be sure to drill a new hole in the U-bolt plate for the back of the center pin bolt to come through it.

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