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Wiring help? Anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I need wiring help. My 1989 Jeep has an inline 6 and 2wd. I bought it about 2 weeks ago. A lot of wires are disconnected or cut. I figured out some, although still have questions. I have a Haynes manual and have searched the Internet. The wiring diagrams are not specific to the vehicle. Factory books cost a lot. My auxiliary fan relay and related wiring is disconnected. This relay is located in the engine compartment. If standing in the front of the truck it is on the right side. Coming from the relay it has an orange wire that connects to a red wire and stays red through the firewall it is cut near the fuse panel. What happens at this point? A fusible link? Do I make it hot at all times? Do I make it hot in the run position? The Orange wire continues to an inline fuse and then connects to a gray and black wire and comes out orange again. The orange that comes out is cut. Where does this go? Coming from the relay there is black wire that is cut and there is also another black wire from the harness that is cut. It is located near the relay in the harness. How do these go? It also has a solid red and a red with a white stripe, they look fine. There are two white wires possibly with black stripes that seem to come from auxiliary fan, these are both cut. What do they connect to? Also, on a possibly unrelated note there is another wire coming through the firewall about 1 foot to the left that is dark blue and it is cut. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I am pulling my hair out!

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