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Fuel Rail

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Hey guys just a few questions.

MY fuel rail is all rusted up and full of holes. I cleaned out the injectors and rail, and the rail is leaking out of a bunch of pin holes.

Does a Cherokee fuel rail swap in?

And why can't I find anywhere selling a fuel rail? XJ or MJ.

Am I going to have to get a junkyard rail? Yards around here close at 5 and I work till 7. Don't want to have to take time of work just to go pull one if I could find a new one.




its a 1991 MJ 4.0l 5spd 4x4

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Thanks for the help and offers. I went and pulled on today out of a 93 Cherokee for 15$. Bolted right up only difference is the pressure release valve is farther forward then the mj one, but made no difference. Mine rotted out right around the fuel pressure regulator.

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