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hard to start when warmed up

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88 4.0 renix.when it's cold or parked overnight it starts right up which kind of eliminates the fuel pump leaking down.i just replaced the crankshaft sensor with the mopar one that straight wires it to the computer.i thought that fixed it but it started doing it again.when i drive it to work and it sits 9 hours before i restart it i have to crank it several time before it fires.it cranks over fine,just won't hit.i even tried cycling the key several times before i crank it to see if it's the fuel pump dropping pressure but it doesn't help.i just replaced the plugs cap and rotor when i replaced the head with a ho model.it done it before i replaced the head so i can't lie fault with that.i have never replaced the coil/module or the pick-up plate in dist. but i did replace the dist about 10 years ago because of corrosion in it.any suggsetions appreciated.

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Mine used to start just fine after sitting overnight, but had trouble when warm. Ran just fine once started. Turned out to be injectors leaking out into the combustion chamber causing flooding.


Replaced injectors and all is fine again.

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right range plugs,same champion plugs that i've always run.injectors i may give a try.i've replaced 4 of them but i did ntice that when it's hard to start that it does blow a little black smoke out of the tailpipe when it does finally start like it had lightly flooded.i may start it up and let it run a while and cut it off and pull the rail and injectors out and see if any of them leak gas out.the crankshaft sensor is a mopar piece that they made a tsb for renix style 4.0 that eliminates the bulkhead connector and improves the crank signal but unfortunatly that wasn't my case.

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