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Support under the seat????

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Wondering about the support piece that goes directly above the frame rail and on top of the floor pan. I know they are two different vehicles but I will be redoing floor pans and would like to eliminate this part. I'm sure in extreme conditions this would help maybe but can I leave it out and mirror a Cherokees floorpan design. I did complete floors in my stepsons Cherokee and just wanted to see if this part that in most cases is rusted bad enough it can't really be that good at support or salvaged can be left out or if someone on here has done it this way . Just havent came across it that way yet

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I'm in the process of patching up some rust on an MJ and was wondering whether you guys are talking about the brace that goes from front to back or the little one that go on the side? I think that little one may need a little help on what I'm working on...would that be something where there is a replacement available? Are either of those braces replaceable?

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Here is a picture with both reinforcements clearly pictured (picture borrowed from another member from a post on this forum). There is the one that goes the length of the pan in the same direction as the frame rail and then the little one that comes over and ties the brace into the rocker.



My question is whether either of these reinforcements are resold or if I will be making them from scratch (assuming they are too rusted after I wire wheel).

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