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'90 MJ Eliminator

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Hi, what's up everyone? I'm 20 yrs old from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm new to the forum here and last weekend I purchased a 1990 MJ Eliminator. I have zero regrets and want to learn as much as I can about them. Currently I'm looking into getting a dynomax catback exhaust along with a high flow cat. Also will be redoing the interior in the next few weeks (seats,headliner, carpet) ..maybe more.

Here is a look at the MJ:



4.0, ax-15, np231 advance adapters sye

new luk pro gold clutch

hydro boost brakes, with a 1 ton master cylinder

Dana 30 front, non-vac 4.10 gears (open)

8.8 rear, disk brakes, 4.10 gears (open), lokar emergency brake kit

3" rusty's offroad lift, JKS adjustable sway bar disconnects, adjustable lower control arms

XJ front clip

5 rubicon wheels, and tires, 245/75/16 Goodyear wrangler mtr's 4 tires have between 1/2 and 3/4 tread

bucket seats, center console

Not a lick of rust on the truck

brand new paint

new spray-in bedliner

towing package

sony cd player

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Peters Township? I actually live in Canonsburg :D and yes ill keep ya guys posted on my progress!


Peters, Canonsburg, North Strabane, Donaldson's Crossroads, lol they are all the same. That is something I could never understand when I was there, in that area people could live across the street from each other and they would each say a different place. In fact, I am somewhat the same. When we were looking for houses, we were on this road (McMurray?) and we passed a sign that said Peters Township, so I thought that's where we were. We bought the house near there and the the street to the house was maybe a few hundred yards away from the sign. We go to close on the house, and the legal address is in North Stabane, but the mailing address is Canonsburg. Since I always thought it was Peters before I knew what it really was, for some reason I always just said the Peters Twp area. Weird.

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Welcome to the CC! Red is the color of choice for me as well. Nice bed liner, what is it and did you do it yourself?


It is rustoleum road armour liner and no the guy I just bought it off of did it. Saved me a little time. 8)

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Today me and my buddies replaced the seats with two I managed to find at a junkyard out of a old wrecked 94 XJ. Began scrubbing down the interior with soft scrub, its looking a lot better already. Its late now, I'll take and post some pics tomorrow after I get off work in the evening. Towards the end of the week I'm going to replace the door panels and plan on ordering exhaust soon.

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