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Rough Country LAs and the BA10/5

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Ive been researching this stuff all day trying to decide what to do with my MJ and my eyes are starting to cross. Ive got my 8.8 just about ready to go in SOA along with a rebuilt HP D30 and I have been shopping around for front options. I was planning on getting drop brackets first, but I would still need to at a minimum replace all the bushings in my arms, or get new arms anyway, even with the DBs, and it started adding up. So I started entertaining the idea of long arms. Last time I bought LAs was for my ZJ several years ago. I got a Claytons kit and although its very nice, its very expensive, and I don't want to spend a bundle on a $600 truck. Now on to my question.


I really like the value of the Rough Country LA upgrade kit and it fits the budget. I was in the process of "add to cart" when I noticed that their site says it will not work with the Puegot trannies. I havent had my MJ very long and havent crawled up under there to really look at it, so I'm not sure how different it actually is. I have seen a few people on here say that the RC kit works despite what RC says, but I suspect that most or all have AW4 trannies since I havent seen a direct reference to the BA10/5. I do plan on eventually swapping in an AX-15, but not yet. So can anyone confirm or deny whether the RC kit will work this the puegot? If it does work, Ill have this kit on order by the weekend :D

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I suspect the difference is that the Peugeot may use the other set of mounting bolt locations for the crossmember. There are two sets, one being 4" farther to the rear than the other.


hrmm, yeah that would make sense. that sucks. Ive decided that drop brackets arent worth it for me, so I guess I'm going to have to wait on the suspension for a while. Boy I hope my wheels don't fall off before then. I'm a bit concerned :D

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Here is what I'm doing, I ordered the Iron rock offroad brackets as they arn't a full crossmember, I then called RC to see if I could just get the arms. They will send just the arms no crossmember but they need you to call them to order them. I recently decided to make my own long arms instead of spending the money on the RC ones. Also you could ask them for the entire kit minus the cross member I don't see why they wouldn't sell you that Money is Money. This is the friendliest method with the ba10. Also you could buy the Iron Rock 3link upgrade kit for a similar price to the RC arms.


The brackets can be found here

http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant ... e=IR-X_LAB


And the upgrade here

http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant ... y_Code=PFX


Or the whole kit your choice.

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I don't understand the shying away from spending money on a cheap MJ. most of our MJs were cheap. some were dirt cheap. A couple lucky guys got theirs for free. :brows: Doesn't mean you shouldn't buy quality components to make it work great. Think of it as an investment that will likely outlive the truck and get transferred to the next Jeep. :thumbsup:

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