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Troubles with Cup Holder insert w/ Factory Console

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I just purchased the factory cup holder insert for the center console. The link to qtec is below.




Its almost embarrassing to say that I'm having trouble installing it. Two issues, one I feel like the two screws don't really hold it snug. I figure I can get longer screws and put nuts on the back to really tighten them down. Two the lid for the console no longer latches. The raised height of the front now puts the latch too far away from catching, is there a way to adjust this? Just curious if other have had the same problems and can share some ideas.





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I went out and screwed with the latch and it has zero adjustment. In order to make it close I'll have to cut some plastic. I was thinking about cutting out the top of the console insert so the cup holders can sit flush. For now, I'll get some better fasteners to hold it tighter, see how that goes before cutting.

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There's two styles of cup holders for XJ's and MJ's. Here's a link to some pix of both.


http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt ... s%3Disch:1


OOPS ... there was a pic of both styles but for whatever reason tha center mount style isnt shown. No matter. Everybody knows what one looks like.


I have tha side mount style in mine. Works fine but cramps passenger leg room a bit. Not a problem since I'm usually runnin solo. Since MJ's don't have the e-brake in the console, having this style allows open access to that center hole.


As for your latch adjustment problem ...... take it off and put a spacer under it.

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