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Engine swap ideas please...

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OK...I am fed up of my poor little 2.5 petrol engine not coping... so over the winter I plan to swap the engine, I have lots of rodders as friends and have had various engine suggestions...350 Chevvy, 318 Chrysler, 327.... etc etc...but i was wondering if any of the 4 litre Jeep engines would swap straight in.... now please remember, I am a girl, I know a little about cars and custom/rodding, but I don't know a lot about Jeeps AND I live in the UK, so any donor jeep I could get would be a RHD European model...... where should I start?....


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A 4.0 swap would be the most straightforward, but if I remember correctly, your MJ is LHD, and any donors you get would be RHD. That would make the swap pretty much impossible ( I think ) unless you want to switch your MJ to RHD as well, which would mean entire dash assy swap and firewall modifications (I think), and steering box and linkage and knuckle swap. Can you get donors from mainland Europe where you could find a LHD or is something like that not very easy to bring over to the Isles? A Chevy type swap might be easier if you can't find a LHD donor. But then again you need to look at legality of such a swap in your area too. I'm not sure what laws would govern that over in Britan. Could be emissions issues, or safety issues, or.... ???? Finding some locals who are into XJ's might be a wealth of information for you as to what you can and can't do to modify your truck legally. I wish you luck, and let us know what you end up doing.

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this might be a long shot but on my other forum from quebec there was a lot of talk with guys from france wich is not to far from you

(read closer then america) but the guys over there were putting small diesel engine in their jeeps

so I'm not sure but a 4 banger diesel could put more torque in your truck then the original 2,5L


I can try looking it up and give you what models they used

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Cherokee 2.1L TD 1987

land rover diesel

but for more info (if you can read french) go INFO4X4.com

it's the france forum about trucks

I'm sure you can pick up bits and pieces from their sites and maybe even an engine


good luck


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Thanks guys, I wondered about the LHD/RHD thing, mine is LHD and I have NO intention of changing that, - a Chevvy 350 is in the lead at the moment, no problems with the laws here, just got to take it to a centre when done to ensure is all OK.....


soz but no no no to a diesel..If I'm gonna swap it, I want a meaty rumble....


Keep the ideas coming, I can read French so I'll check out that site - and as for France being closer than America,...dang nab it, it is! :rotfl2:



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