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trani mount

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I replaced mine without dropping crossmember. Just jack trans. up far enough to clear the crossmember. Piece of cake.


Funny. I couldn't lift my transmission enough to get in there on my XJ or my MJ (with the modified floor pan).


No biggie. The crossmember adds an additional 15 minutes or so.

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This is where uni-bodys SUK!!! They transmit noises to the far reaches of the body... making diagnosis darn near impossible....


That being said, CAs are a good guess. If your gonna stay with stock arms, don't even think of replacing the bushings... Complete factory arms, with bushings are not very expensive!!


As a mater of fact, if you do have me weld up your links, I have a couple sets of upper CAs. I'll throw two of the best ones in the box for the return trip...



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