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relative pedal position

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Ok, just so we start off on the same page I have a 90 MJ with AX15. My main annoyance is the relative positions of the clutch, brake, and gas pedals. As they sit right now, the brake and gas pedals are too close together for my son who has wide feet to really drive the truck. Even I have to use the outside of my right foot to use the accelerator. What I can't tell is if somehow the pedal position is wrong or if during some floor pan repair and eventual replacement of the vinyl flooring and padding that the space between the gas pedal and the tranny well shrank.


Anybody got ideas? If I can't figure out how to make more space between the gas pedal and the tranny well I will have to get rid of her since it will be my son's DD. If he can't get his foot in there (and importantly out of there and to the brake quickly!) then I don't think I have much choice.


I have pulled up the flooring and I can't see anything in the way, but I don't know. Anyone come across anything similar? Got any suggestions or ideas? We absolutely love this truck and have fixed all the problems on her. It would really blow to have to quit now.

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