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The Ultimate Crotch Rocket


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Its actually for sale in my hometown, by my mom's house... Crazy looking bike. Rob L.


Crazy fast. A street legal land speed record holder. Freaking amazing. Do you know the seller Rob? Can't imagine the $$ wrapped up in this toy. :cheers:

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Can't say I do Don. I guess I should re-phrase that... I noticed that it is for sale in my mom's neighborhood, as in town-wise. She lives in a decent area, but I think that bike is worth over half the value of her house... He's probably over on the high-falutin' side of the tracks...


Rob L.

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I don't mean to burst the fancy bubble but ... My 600 weighs less and pushes more pony's than that shiny second on the house . My liter class bike beats it by at least 25 HP , stock and weighs 15 lbs less ( wet) .

Its a cool bike and all , looks badazz too but for that kind money I would rather buy a house and three other faster bikes . My 929 was just dyno tested @ 155 HP , at the wheel and weighs 379 lbs ( wet ) .

I always thought it was a cool concept bike but too slow for the money . If the American bike manufacturers are going to compete with the Japs , they'll have to add some HP , shave some weight and drop the price about 100K .


A couple of builders around here have made their own , home brewed version using custom frames , Jap liter class motors ( even V twin racing motors ) like the Honda RC 51 and Suzuki TL , style motors with street fighter components .


My dream is a Greg's customs frame , Honda RC 211 V motor and custom body work , but the Jeeps keep taking all the toy money . Greg at Greg's Customs made one using a 175 HP ZX 12R motor and all custom made parts .

Took the cover of quite a few mags a couple of years ago . As far as I could see the motor was still mostly stock other than little trick things like a custom made clutch cover and fabricated triple tree's .

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