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forum keeps logging me out!

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I've checked the "keep me logged in" box till I'm blue in the face...


The odd thing is, I'll check the forums after a couple days of not doing so, and I'll still be logged in. But after a random number of thread views it'll just randomly up and decide that I'm not logged in anymore! I haven't found any pattern to it yet.

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that is odd. seems like it should at least be consistent. :dunno: have you tried erasing the cookies on your computer so they reset?

Tried that, I figured it would do something but it hasn't. It's really inconsistent and confusing :nuts:


freakjeep, nope, I generally don't bother. I have FireFox set up so it deletes temp files and history and NOT cookies or entered form data when I do that anyways, so theoretically it shouldn't matter.

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