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wrangler T-case, will it fit my 87?

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my brother in law doesn't need his transfer case from his 99 TJ 4 cylinder 5 speed. my 87 4.0 5 speed has a bad transfer case. we are planning on putting his into mine but someone mentioned that the clocking would make it incompatible without a lot of work. is this true?

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if the 4 banger wranglers are the same as the 6 cyl, then the clocking is in the trans, not the t-case, and so the t-case will be the same as a comparable year XJ. :thumbsup: be careful to check the input shaft length and that it'll fit in the t-case.

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Yes, clocking is determined by the holes drilled in the trans, not the t-case.


The TJ case should have a sealed output, not sure if that will affect driveshaft length or not.


You may have to use the shift plate from your T-case, not sure if TJs are the same as XJ/MJ or not.


The 4 cylinder case should have a long input on it, you'll need to swap yours in. I've also hear(never verified) that the late AX-5s did go to a 23 spline output for the T-case. That may also require you to swap inputs.


However, there is something that may prevent you from using your old input. I have heard(again not verified), that sometime around 96, the tooth pitch in the reduction unit was changed, and would not allow your older input shaft to be used in a newer case.

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