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i just changed my steering box and.....

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i was turning into a driveway and SNAP.....steering box bolts broke...luckily it wasnt on a highway :thumbsup:

here to find out that the po only had 2 bolts in it.... :doh:

long story short, i swapped the box out instead of just tapping broken bolts outta it...i only paid 15 bucks at a pnp for another one anyways, and i got some extra bolts too :banana:

surprisingly, i did this job within a half hour total jamminz.gif

now, i need to adjust it because it turns alot more left than right.....its not centered. i know i know....but i was alone and it wasnt that easy not knowing about the box AT ALL! but its sturdy, just the box, steering wheel are not centered.

my question is how do i center this?

i have a few ideas, but i wanna be sure..



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The pitman arm has a key to be sure its centered... is yours installed in the center of its travel?


Also the inverted Y of the factory linkage is a PIA to align @ home. Adjust the wheel and you have just changed the tow..re adjust the tow and the wheel isn't rite. Plus its weak and prone to danage. time to UPGRADE!! :yes:



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the pitman arm is keyed to the shaft, but it can go on 4 diff ways. You could have been off 90 degrees when you installed it. Get the wheels straight and disconnect the arm from the box. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right/ then all the way to the left, counting turns lock to lock. Turn back half your count. See if the arm will go back on with minimal effort.


This would be the case if you had one turn of the wheel to the left and three to the right, or the other way around.

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If you used a box from the PnP I assume you took the pitman arm with the box, so the pitman arm probably can't be on wrong. Plus, as noted, it is keyed so it can only go onto the shaft in one orientation.


Which means that when you bolted the box in you must have not had both the box and the steering wheel straight when you connected the steering shaft to the box. You'll have to remove the box and re-install. do NOT try to "adjust" it with the drag link.

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:hijack: so when i installed my steering box i had my steering wheel straight does that mean that everything will be lined up when i finally get to drive the truck?

Did you also have the steering box centered? If so, you're good to go. If not, you have a problem.

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i had to pull the box again

noticed i forgot that triopod brace :doh:

disconnect the shaft....then i disconnected tie rod from pittman

i turned the pitman until i found around the center point

turned steering wheel to straight??...so the jeep logo was right

went under and it was a nice match...the notch was right on the top along with the steering box .......perrrrrfect!

tighened shaft and box

hooked tie rod back up .....everythings good

amsee cw eagle....u guys rule!!!! and anyone else i forgot


by the way, i bought those 31" mickeys with the ravines off backroads.... jamminz.gif

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