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replacing head, Recommendations

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Got the head all cleaned and ready to bolt back on. '89 4.0.Probably be my last valve job. Just not doing the work like I used to so why not sell everything. Head gasket was leaking between 4 and 5 cylinders and edge of block. Was a b*tch getting the left rear bolt out. Stud stuck up to far to use a short socket and wasn't enough room for a deep well. Finally used a Sawall and cut the top inch off. Did a 3 angle job on the valves. They really didn't need it. I just figured since I had the head off, why not? Seats were hard. Had to dress the stone 3 times but got every thing ready to go back. Not being real familiar with the 4.0 engine looking for suggestions on what to use in reassembly. Know about the Fram oil filter so skip it. Is a 195 thermostat the best to use? Book recommends it but seems a little high to me. Spark plugs? Exhaust manifold cracked in two places. Remember reading about headers on here a couple months back. Can't find it now. Any comments appreciated. Jim

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When it's time to put the head back on, bolt up the intake manifold and header beforehand. It's much easier than putting the head on the block first, and then trying to put the manifolds on.

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ya, on a renix bolt the manifolds on the head if its on the bench. ho motors its not nearly as much of a pain for some reason.


i put a 185 t stat in mine. i never ever recommend anyone using a lower temp t stat in newer vehicles, expecially 96 and on. they need to run at 210 for a couple reasons. but on these old engines, i sacrifice the little benefit of running that hi, for longevity. mine doesn't even reach 175 in the winter, and i still have great heat. i would not do it in a renix cherokee, they're hard enough to get good heat in.


new plugs obviously, as you said.


ooh, check your motor mounts now, may as well replace them.

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