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comanche and 5th wheel

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He put it on Pirate as well:







I'm liking the little 5th wheel too. :yes:





88 Comanche Pioneer 4x4 LB w/ 5th wheel camper

1988 MJ, Pioneer, longbed, 4.0, BA10/5, 4x4... I'm including a complete, rebuilt AX15/mp231 combo ready to bolt in, top to bottom, front to back... bolt-in. 130k miles.


Looks nearly showroom fresh, no rust, has 5th wheel, step bumper, and class III hitch. Comes with a 5th-wheel camper.


Asking $6,000 for the camper-combo, $4,500 for the truck by itself.

Have the factory tailgate also...

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Being an excellent condition MJ from 1990 is rated at 2000 on Kelly Blue book for a DEALER price... I'm leary about spending 4500 on truck only.


KBB and NADA should be nothing more than a VERY rough guide for a low production 20+ yr old vehicle, i.e. for someone that has no idea at all what base point for pricing should be. From there, IMO, to each his own as far was what they are willing to pay. IMO, that truck is worth a lot more than $2000. Yes, I'd agree that $4500 is a little on the high side (THAT is probably what most dealers would price it at, not $2k like KBB suggests), but considering he's including the parts to replace it's only real downfall, the Pukegoat tranny, that's an MJ with huge amount of life left in it. Just my nickels worth. 8)

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