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Parking Brake

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I'm pretty sure i jinxed myself by reading this last month.



Autozone special ordered it for me for $17 including tax. That's cheaper than anywhere online I found after paying for shipping. It will be in Sat afternoon.


Are the rear cables supposed to be the same length? Mine aren't.


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The XJ can be made to work if you have bucket seats. Youd probably need an XJ center console too... not sure if the Mj bucket center console has a provision for a parking brake or not. As previously posted, the cable are readily available, but if your pedal assy is bad, there arent many options. You might be able to make one from a YJ Wrangler work, as it is a similar style, but Ive never seen anyone do that mod, so it would be all guesswork and fabrication, albeit minor. Give us some more deatils so we can point you in the right direction! :thumbsup:

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